POP&Co Helsinki was created in 2018 by a mother who wanted to make a collection with focus on good quality and lovely, colourful prints.

Our designer and founder Petra Kiuru has lived and worked all her life with kids fashion and as a child she used to follow her mother to work, play with buttons and yarns and sleep between fabric rolls at the family’s small factory in Finland.

The idea of her own collection was growing over the years and after her London fashion design studies her dream was to design her own collection which would strongly reflect both her style as well as her values. She would also like to challenge the basic seasonal collection-thinking and design collections which are suitable for both, spring/summer and autumn/winter-collections.

All things frilly and glittery have always inspired her but they need to be carried out with good taste. The themes for prints come mostly directly from children and one thing that already defines the brand is our seasonally changing Unicorn print.

The collection takes a strong focus on comfort and fit and the designer herself is constantly exploring new possibilities to design using more and more ecological and recycled materials.

POP&Co collections are sustainably and ethically manufactured in Turkey and Latvia and we audit the factories ourselves every time a new collection is being made. We also have our own local supervisor present at the factories and we are in close relations with them on a daily basis.